Are your products authentic?

Yes, we have contracts and authorized retailers for each brand we carry.

Is this site safe? 

Yes, we will never share or sell your personal information.

Are you guys hiring?

No, not at the moment! But we highly recommend leaving a resume instore, for future hiring.

How do I promote your products?

Awesome, send us an email to bombbeautyproducts.com with all your social media accountants and a little about yourself, and your goals in this industry!

Where's my package? Why is my stuff taking so long?

Please keep  holidays and weekends in mind with shipping,  send us an email with your order number and we will update you asap! bombbeautyproducts@gmail.com

What if my question still wasn't answered?

OH NO! Sorry about that, slide into our DMs on insta or send us an email bombeautyproducts@gmail.com