Liquid Glitter Backpack - Sugar Pop Blue

Liquid Glitter Backpack - Sugar Pop Blue Carry around pastel paradise in this glittery blue backpack! Made of durable blue glitter vinyl, this backpack is filled with large stars, moons, heart, and unicorns shapes and heart and star glitter floating around in teal liquid on the front and back of bag. As you move backpack around, the liquid glitter moves around with it! Makes for endless entertainment in one adorable backpack. Backpack features adjustable straps on back and snap closure on the front. Size:10 x 11 x 3 Inches Color: Plastic: Glitter Blue Liquid: Teal Glitter: large star, moon, hearts, and unicorns, purple, blue, and white heart and star glitter. Please note, product may contain air bubbles.

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