Liquid Glitter Mini Tote - Sugar Pop Purple

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Liquid Glitter Mini Tote - Sugar Pop Purple Loads of cuteness wrapped up into one tiny bag. Made of purple sparkle vinyl with liquid glitter on the front and back that move all around, this little purse will provide you with endless fun. The liquid glitter is made up of large stars, moons, hearts and unicorns and tiny heart and star glitter in purple liquid. This tiny tote has two small handle straps and one long removable and adjustable strap. Also, features a zipper closure on the inside. Size: 8 x 7 x 2.5 Inches Color: Plastic: sparkle purple Liquid: purple Glitter: Large moons, stars, unicorns and hearts. Pink, purple and white hearts and stars glitter. Please note, air bubbles my occur in this product.

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