Liquid Glitter Wallet - Sugar Pop Pink

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Liquid Glitter Wallet - Sugar Pop Pink Make storing your cards and money fun and sparkly with this adorable, liquid glitter wallet! The liquid glitter wallet is here to meet all of your sparkling needs! This wallet is perfect for holding cards and cash and can easily fit into most of your other bags! Together, glitter and liquid encased in durable plastic, moves around when the bag is moved. It's as fun play with the glitter as it is to accessorize with! The liquid glitter is made up of tiny hearts and stars and has large moon, star, heart and unicorn shapes mixed in pink liquid! The wallet features clear thread that creates a cohesive sense of transparency and has a snap closure. Bag Size: 8 L x 4 W Inches Plastic Color: Clear Liquid: Pink Glitter: Moons, stars, unicorns and heart shapes. Pink, purple and white star and heart glitter. *Please note: Air bubbles may occur in this product

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